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Specialized Road Bike

Specialized Bike

Looking for specialized road bikes isn’t easy to find. Now that we have the benefits of the internet, our likings for the outdoors can’t be beaten. The only problem is where we should start. Having to transact stuff online will be new to you especially if you are into manual procedures. But you will soon appreciate things.

For one, you will have a wider choice of the stuff that you need. Whether it is on spare parts or the actual unit itself, you have more options than you can ever imagine. You can also have access to specialized road bike shops without having to actually go out of your home. If we take one more step higher, you can access the internet using your smart phones.

That’s to say, you can have your own road bike in the palm of your own hands. That will save you a lot of time and even money. Now you can pin point your target and you don’t have to sweat for it. Or at least save your sweat on the actual outdoor trek you are about to make.

The only challenge you will have to face here is to choose and decide which one fits in your standard. That power doesn’t belong to this write up anymore. Individuals have their own criteria for choosing what’s best for them. That goes to say, the specific measurement or the brand of a spare part solely belongs to the one who wants it.

But with the help of the internet and other tools that support it, things will become easier and simpler to do. In the end you can focus on more important matters. That’s how to make your road bike faster and more durable. It should come to point where the moment you hit the road, everything will run smoothly.

Types of Suspensions in Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bike

You will find two type of suspensions in hybrid bikes: the front suspension fork and the suspension seat posts. In a hybrid bike you will not have the rear suspension that you will find in a mountain bike. As they are not intended to dwell with the off roading that a mountain bike will face.

Front Suspension Forks

The suspension type forks are by far the most common one fitted on these hybrids. This suspension consists of a coil spring mechanism that has a travel range of 50 to 60 mm.

According to your budget there are various specifications. One of these great features to look out for is the lockout. This is where you can lock the forks in place. This is very valuable when you are driving on a surface that does not call for suspension as the action of the fork absorbs the energy.

Suspension Seatposts

A less common suspension in hybrid bike id the suspension seat post. These are very efficient when you are riding rough roads or doing some light off roading. The suspension is given by a coil spring or on higher end models by an elastomer. You can also find that they have an adjustment to balance according to the weight of the driver.
If you are planning to do a lot of cycling in the country side and dirt roads that you will surely benefit from the suspension as it will also be an enjoyable ride.

But there is a price to pay – expect a good suspension fork to add appreciably to the cost of the bike. On top of this, remember that a suspension fork will also add to the weight, and the springs will absorb some pedalling power – so choose a fork with lockout if you can, and use it.

But there are some disadvantages to the suspension fork as these are not always cheap. Also remember that a suspension fork will also add to the overall weight of the bike and the springs will inevitably absorb some power. Always choose a fork with the lockout and use it on smooth roads!

A suspension post is an excellent addition to your hybrid bike as you will not detect its extra weight but you will be thankful for the comfort.

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